Small Business Bookkeeping

Small Business Bookkeeping Services

boston small business bookkeepingOur expert services in Boston include organizing your finances as well!

We can handle all aspects of your day-to-day small business bookkeeping, or help you get caught up on your books at the end of month. We will get your financial books organized.

We use QuickBooks online to help you wherever you are.

Our Boston area small business bookkeeping services include:

  • Setting up your small business on QuickBooks
  • Setting up and maintaining your Chart of Accounts and Item List
  • Recording financial transactions, including purchases, sales, receipts and payments
  • Managing accounts payable, including vendor bill payment
  • Managing accounts receivable, including customer invoicing
  • Recording employee and contractor time, entering payroll reports
  • Performing bank reconciliations
  • Providing on-demand financial reports and statements
  • Preparing 1099s for contractors at the year-end

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