Five Organizing Tips for Back to School Success!

Five Organizing Tips for Back to School Success!
18 Aug 2016

Five Organizing Tips for Back to School Success!

Here are five back to school organizing tips to help you get a handle on things before the homework starts piling up.

back to school in bostonHint: For a smooth transition, make sure the whole family is on board. Kids are full of ideas, so let them to participate in the organizing plan.

1. Smooth Landings – Create a landing zone with hooks for backpacks and jackets, space for shoes and equipment and in/out bins or wall pockets for the flood of papers that need attention.

2. Make Space – Go through your children’s clothes and extra-curricular gear and purge anything they’ve outgrown. Donate what you can and replace only what your child needs this season.

3. Don’t Fall Behind – If you haven’t done so already, go through schoolwork, art projects and papers from the prior year and clear out anything that is no longer wanted or needed. Put items to save in a labeled bin. Better yet, go digital and scan or take photos of papers and projects.

4. Color Coordinate – Kids love color, so use it in their organizing systems! Color-coded storage areas, drawers, and other containers are a creative way of “labeling” your kid’s storage system.

5. Make it Official – A label on something makes it stick. Once a bin has a label that says “HOMEWORK” or a cubby is labeled “SPORTS GEAR,” those become the official homes for those items. If school and activity supplies have labeled homes, there’s a much better chance everyone can find what they need, when they need it!

Sarah Buckwalter

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